Saturday, July 11, 2009

Street Fighter IV: PC vs. PS3

After days of struggling with the idea of buying the new Personal Computer version of Street Fighter IV, I have finally made up my mind. I was able to sell my PlayStation 3 copy for $40.00 so it's like a nice little exchange program because the PC version is only $39.99. Technically, I lost $19.99 but I will be gaining a great "technical" advantage when it comes to the visuals. The best thing was definitely to wait for the PC release in the first place - since that can't be changed, I am happy that I am able to resolve the problem this way. I am not going to mess with my total game count at the moment with a [-1]. I will not add a [+1] when I have finally have the PC version in my hands. An online order has been placed and I should be receiving it sometime in the middle of next week.

Buying the inferior version of a game when it can be avoided is not my style...
It makes me feel like I'm being sucker punched Ultra-Combo style by Dan.
*PlayStation 3 screenshot*

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