Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Purchase Regret: Street Fighter IV

I knew from the start why the Personal Computer version of the over hyped Street Fighter IV was scheduled for release months after the console versions hit the market. I didn't follow my instinct that asked me to wait until details surrounding the PC release become available before picking up the game. Ever since I bought SFIV for the PlayStation 3 - a decision based solely on my ownership of the ASCII Fighting Pad because I had 2 good friends who wanted to play the game with me on the X-Box 360 - I have forgotten about the impending release of the PC version. Though I couldn't find anyone on my friend's list who'd want to have a friendly little match with me back then, I was pretty content with the game because of the responsive controller. Today, I saw this while happily browsing the web:

Yes, the reason why Capcom delayed this PC version to a 07/07/2009 release is because it's cheaper than the console versions by $20.00 while being the best version of the three: many would have steered away from purchasing it for the consoles. I downloaded the benchmark application from and I was completely amazed by how majestic this version of the game really is - especially with the additional options to change the render effects on the graphics engine. On the consoles, the game is stuck at 720p (1080p upscale on the 360) but here, it is native 1080p. To make things even better, the game is Live-enabled! That means you can play it against other PC as well as X-Box 360 gamers! [Edit: Though Live-enabled, online multiplayer is only limited between PC users - not a major loss considering the community in question.] I have always wanted to buy the Mad Catz Fightpad for the X-Box 360 so this may be a good way to get it. The real question now is whether or not it is worth buying this game the second time around just for the massive graphical improvements. Probably not but do I regret buying the PS3 version? Oh yes I do.

The visual clarity this version brings forth is extremely striking.
It almost made me love the game.

Not taxing at all for what is supposed to be a high tech game.
I maxed out all the graphical settings but I disabled anti-aliasing.
[Update Note: I was able to obtain similar high performance up to C16xAA.]

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