Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Games Alert!

I purchased 2 new Nintendo Wii games today, courtesy of the Wii Shop Channel. I think it's due time that I show the Wii downloadable games some love. I have been meaning to get M.U.S.H.A. from early this year but I kept holding back on it because I know at least it wouldn't go away anytime soon - that's the beauty of direct download games. Swords & Soldiers is one of the most attractive Wii Ware games that I have seen so far and since my mood for strategy games has been heightened by my constant playtime with Demigod, I thought that it was a better choice over the recently released Pulseman. By the way, I used the Nintendo Points Card to purchase these games. I recently received a $75 Amazon.com gift certificate, thus the points card. Since this is the first time I have ever used it, I am very surprised to find out that the points card is very cheaply made - it's not the thick plastic cards you would get with the PSN Store, the Microsoft Points, or your typical retailer gift cards but instead, it's a very thin piece of cardboard paper. Nintendo really knows how to keep its production costs down.

Looks can be deceiving. That thing is not really a "card".

They look really happy together, so why are they at war with each other?

It's not a complete super hybrid armor without the metallic uniframe.

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