Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loner's YouTube Fun

When I opened a YouTube account in late April of this year, my main goal was to see if I could attract a fraction of YouTube's large gaming community to visit this site. I would lying to you if I claim that I don't care about the amount of readers I have. As a writer, the two most satisfying joys in my life are:

1) having written - nothing is more rewarding than completing an article, a short story, a novel, or a poem. Yes, to me, it's even more rewarding than completing a video game - and,

2) being read - knowing that I actually have readers who hopefully enjoy the things that I write about. You wouldn't know by visiting this site that I am also a poet who produce at a regular basis. There used to be a time years ago when I was able to find fellow poets at the work place and we would share and comment each other's work constantly.

So where am I at 3 months into this experimentation? 6 subscribers. Well, that's triple the amount compared to this site's "visible" dedicated readers but I really doubt that those 6 care about visiting the site because the numbers don't translate as they should when I look at this site's statistics. They are probably just waiting to see the new videos that will come out next and this is probably the main dilemma here: If you could get your entertainment or information from watching, why would you be reading? It's apparent that my goal is a bit far-fetched and undoubtedly misguided.

It probably doesn't help that everything on my YouTube page is designed to point the viewers directly to this site. I mean, I am very forthcoming about what I wanted to do there - I specifically stated that I am a blogger, not a vlogger: I just enjoy writing so very much. The videos I posted - if you want to call them that - are basically quick summaries of the articles that I wrote for the site. I even named my YouTube page "A Loner Gamer Visual Companion", that's right, it's just a companion piece to the real deal.

Perhaps the worse thing about this is that I am too experimental and artsy for my own good. Instead of using the stare at the camera or the faceless, disembodied voice methods to show off new games I picked up, I did a collage of the games' cover art. Instead of reading out a review over some gameplay footage, I inter-cut texts from my articles with screenshots of the reviewed game. Instead of subscribing to every single gamer on YouTube in hope of a returned "favor", I only subscribe to channels that entertain me: but what's the use of having many subscribers if they don't come to your page anyway?

I must say that the experience so far has been quite intriguing. I am proud that at least my unpopular channel is unique. An acquired taste and a bit of an anti-stance against what YouTube is supposed to be about - I can't blame people for not wanting to watch because in the end, I wanted them to read instead of merely watching.

Fun Factoids Time:

While some videos received "successful" ratings...

...most received the coveted 1 star suckage.

The most viewed video so far... I wonder why?

The least viewed video so far... I wonder why?

Best. Comment. Ever.

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