Wednesday, July 1, 2009

E74 Refunded

I was doing my monthly accounting when I saw what looked like $94.00 charge from Microsoft. I know I didn't spend that much money on Microsoft Points and I almost dialed their customer service line until I realized that it was actually a credit instead of a debit:

After finding the explanation by browsing the internet, I apparently missed the announcement that Microsoft is now covering the "E74" X-Box 360 hardware failure under its 3-year warranty and even made the effort to refund those who were charged for repairs made due to that problem. I encountered the dreaded E74 screen on September 11th of last year and I sent in my console for repair soon after. I have gone through two X-Box 360s so far and I hope that I will not have to deal with any premature deaths for this console. It's good to know that Microsoft is owning up to their mistakes even though this means that the E74 error is as common as the 3 red rings of death.

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