Sunday, July 12, 2009

Games Played 06/24/2009


Dead or Alive (1998)
Developer: Tecmo, Ltd.
Platform: PlayStation
Purchase Date: 04/02/1998

It may not look like it but the "bounce" is definitely there.

Not even a year after I purchased the SegaSaturn version of Dead or Alive, a PlayStation version was released. I bought the game again because this version looks so different than the one released on the Sega console. I remember looking at the screenshots of this game in a video game magazine and thought that it looked incredible and a lot better than the previous version. In actuality, even though the colors are more vibrant and the light sourcing is real time, the characters look less realistic here because they ended up looking like plastic dolls. Unlike its sequels, this game contains a lot of unlockable costumes and many of them are hilarious: Bunny Kasumi anyone? The details on the back of the CD cover are pretty funny too. I love the tongue in cheek humor and the utter boldness of it all: 1) They listed "Beautiful Women" as one of the features that is available only on Dead or Alive, and 2) They published a real quote from PS Extreme Magazine alongside a suspicious quote from a "Ryu Hayabusa" who said "The women are total knockouts!". The front cover is a total disaster though - Kasumi with white hair??? Also unforgivable are screenshots found on the back - they were taken from the SegaSaturn version of the game. I am quite happy with this purchase because even though it is inferior of the two, it is able to offer its own unique visual experience.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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