Friday, July 31, 2009

New Games Alert!

In case you were wondering where the rest of the $75 gift certificate went, I spent them on more games. The story of my life, I'm telling you. I may have picked up too many games this month if there is such a thing. For some reason, my large online order was split into two and I received my Nintendo Points Card first before the remainder of the order arrived today. It's all about the Nintendo Wii apparently because the games that I selected were Ultimate Shooting Collection and Dewy's Adventure. On top of those games, I also received a 1600 Microsoft Points card for the X-Box 360. I have already spent 800 points on the Fallout 3: Broken Steel expansion because I am about ready to get back into some post-nuclear war adventuring again. I am still undecided on what to do with the rest of the points. I almost spent them on Peggle Deluxe but since that game is planned for a PlayStation 3 release, I rather wait for it to hit Sony's console.

I think I did pretty well with the $75. I got a generous amount of games from it.

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