Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things are Getting D-Desperate?

It seems like every time I log on to the X-Box LIVE via my X-Box 360, there's always some sort LIVE Gold promotion being offered to entice my return to the service. Tonight, as I was navigating the dashboard to get to Deathsmiles IIX for another fun-filled gameplay session, another one of these showed up and this time, Microsoft really caught my attention:

If I wait a little longer, can I subscribe to it for $0.25 a month?

$2 for 2 months sounds a little too good to be true but of course once the two month period is over, I would have to pay the usual rate of up to $59.99 a year. I could have just proceeded with this offer blindly but I took the time to evaluate my situation: if I do get back on LIVE Gold, will I be playing anything multiplayer on a daily basis? Probably not. The only game that I am heavily playing on the 360 at the moment is Deathsmiles IIX and I am enjoying the single player too much that I really don't care about the possibility of playing the co-op - it lags badly for shoot-'em-ups over LIVE anyway. If Microsoft were to offer me $12 for 12 months, well I would definitely consider that. Thus, I have decided not to jump onto this deal, unless of course something drastic happens where I have a sudden need and interest to play multiplayer games on the 360 - I am sure the chances of that happening is pretty slim however.

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