Tuesday, May 17, 2011

7 Seventeen

So what do you know... I just had my Personal Computer all hooked up with Windows Vista less than a week ago and now, all of a sudden I got the Windows 7 Professional disc in my hands today. The galaxy has a weird sense of humor, does it not? My significant other thought the whole situation is really funny (ha ha honey). So I will be making the jump to 7 this evening and this time, I am going to do a clean install and start fresh because of the boot/system partition issue I am having with my current installation - it's not really a big problem but a bit of an annoyance actually. With the short amount of time I have spent with Vista Business, I must say that the operating system is solid. I am assuming that a majority of the problems that plagued the OS when it was initially released were mostly fixed by the time Service Pack 2 arrived so I didn't encounter any glaring issues with Vista. So if you are still gaming on Vista, I don't see a reason to hurry up and upgrade to 7 (I wouldn't have if I didn't get 7 from work) because the games that I played on it - League of Legends, Dirt 2Red Faction: Guerrilla, Rift, Two Worlds II, Rocket Knight, Dead Rising 2 - ran perfectly if not better than how they performed on Windows XP. I look forward to posting my next article using Windows 7! Until then.

And I was really beginning to enjoy Vista too...

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