Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Squad 1

As you could probably gather from my impression of the beta, I really like Darkspore. The way that it tweaks the dungeon crawling formula by providing you with seemingly never ending ways to change your heroes' looks is unlike anything that I have encountered in the genre before. Imagine if you could play around with the size of the cool looking shoulder pads for your wizard or that shiny chest armor of your warrior - wouldn't that make the dungeon crawler a lot more fun? Well that is exactly what developer Maxis has accomplished here. Even with the game's strong hero customization options though, I have not seen a lot of people getting creative with the tools provided with the game. It's probably because I am still playing through the first of the game's three tiered difficulty levels and if that was the case, I really should play this game a lot more so that I can finally get to see some crazy hero edits. Of course, I for one just cannot wait to eventually unlock all the customization options myself so that I can expand my own brand of creativity upon my heroes. Speaking of that, I want to introduced you to some of my heroes who are teamed up to form Squad 1. This should give you a good idea of the level of flexibility you are given by the edit tools and it will further exemplify my love for creating ugly looking things. Note that some of the alterations here are not even accomplished via full equipment of items and accessories but merely by moving and changing parts that are already on the heroes' bodies.

Blitz: Before

Blitz: After

Viper: Before

Viper: After

Maldri: Before

Maldri: After

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