Friday, May 27, 2011


Minecraft for the Personal Computer is an incredibly popular game made by the Swedish developer Mojang where you are transported into a randomized world made of blocks and from there, you are free to shape the world around you any way you wish. It is a sandbox game that is currently in its beta stage but those who purchase the game now will be able to get the game updates as well as the final release whenever that date may be. I have seen this game being played via live streams for a while now and my initial impression of the game was that of repulsion - the game's blocky look coupled by what seemed to be mindless mining were a bit too much for me. Then, when I saw the many creative ways that people have transformed the in-game landscape, I became more and more curious. It's been a while since that happened and I finally decided to jump into Minecraft and inducted it into my Game Library.

I call this my home... I just have to be careful not to make it my permanent home.

Immediately after arriving at my randomized game world, the addiction started to set it. The most brilliant part to this game is the resource gathering and management where you have to "mine" or harvest materials from the elements and "craft" them into a variety of different items and weapons. To alter the landscape, you have to remove or add one block at a time. Then, there's even a survival piece to the gameplay where you have to defend yourself when night falls because nasty creatures roam about the land, ready to hurt you. If you die at their hands, you will lose all of the resources you have worked hard on collecting. The graphical technology behind the game may not be impressive but there is a definite charm to the blocky visuals and they do provide a grandiose sense of scale. The game also has a multiplayer online option but I am going to concentrate on the single player for now. If you play a lot of LEGO or if you are just looking for an open-ended game that encourages a lot of creativity, Minecraft will make you very, very happy.


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