Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Game Hunt

It's the Memorial Day Weekend and after seeing the uninspiring online video game sales, I decided to check out what my favorite local gaming store had to offer and they definitely did a lot better since I walked out of there with 3 games in my hands. The first is Fallout: New Vegas for the Personal Computer, the shooter and role playing game hybrid by Obsidian Entertainment, yet again producing a follow up product to a Bethesda Softworks game, which in this case being Fallout 3. I never got to completing Fallout 3 and since I have it removed recently when I upgraded my operating system, I am going to just play New Vegas first before I play that game again. One interesting thing to note on this release is that the game carries the "Games for Windows" banner on the retail box but it is a Steam-enabled game. Well, we all already know just how much Microsoft cares about PC gaming...

3 games for our nice 3-day weekend!

The second game is Total War: Shogun 2 Limited Edition by The Creative Assembly, another PC title. When it comes to "medieval" warfare, you have to give it to the Japanese when it comes to visual impacts with their elaborately armored units and brutal sets of weaponry. This "Limited Edition" comes with several insignificant extras except for the "additional ninja clan" - that just sounds like all kind of awesome - and an additional "historical scenario". Last but not least, Toy Story 3 by Avalanche Software for the PlayStation 3. I am not big on movie license games because for the most part, they can get quite awful but I really like the game's open world mission-based gameplay of the "Toy Box Mode" where you unlock things to add to your environment the more you play it. I decided on the PS3 version because it allows you to play as Zurg! Who doesn't want to play as Zurg, right? There were so many other games on sale today but I know that I need to slow down the new game intake a little bit so these should be satisfying enough... For now.

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