Sunday, May 29, 2011

My First Tribunal IP Reward!

I was just wondering how Riot Games was going to notify those who participated in The Tribunal for League of Legends on the Personal Computer when they are rewarded with Influence Points until I saw a nice email from them today! Apparently, 5 of my votes so far were part of the majority ruling and I was rewarded with 25 IP for them! Better yet, I now have access to evaluate 10 cases a day! Passing judgment over these Summoner's Code abuse cases is nearly as much fun as playing the game itself - not to mention that it helps shape the game's community for the better. I hope to get a higher judgment cap if it that is available. Watch out players with rotten attitude and utter disregard for "The Code" - the community is fighting back!

25 IP may not be much but being able to change the community is rewarding enough.

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