Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Secret Discussion at Sony Computer Entertainment

Executive A: "Alright everyone, thank you for coming. As you all know, the PlayStation Network is down and we will be bringing it back up very soon... But you all know what that means, right?"

Executive D: "Yes, we are finally going to get revenue back in. The PSN Store is a great source of income for us."

Executive A: "True, very true. This downtime is costing us a lot of money... Just imagine what this will do to our quarterly bonuses."

Executive B: "I don't even want to think about that. My daughter is about to get married and I promised her a honeymoon trip to Italy."

Executive A: "Well, actually the reason why we have gathered here today is to determine how to make people forget that this whole thing ever happened when they finally log back on to the PSN."

Executive D: "Are you out of your mind? The PSN is free to begin with. They don't need to be compensated for the downtime."

Executive A: "True, but what about the PSN+ people?"

Executive C: "They are zombies. Just give them an extra free game on top of the scheduled ones and they'll be happy."

Executive A: "True, but that means that we will be losing money. So much for that Italian honeymoon."

Executive D: "Wait, wait. What about a free one month subscription to PSN+? That way, those fools who haven't subscribed to it will be able to see what they have been missing. We will be guaranteed an increase in our subscriber base by 30-40% when those people discover that they can't keep the free games they got from the service once they cancelled out of the program!"

Executive B: "You've always been the smartest guy in the room! Bravo!"

Executive C: "Wait. Didn't we already plan to provide all non-PSN+ users a one month trial in a couple of months to help us hit our target subscriber number leading towards the end of the year?"

Executive B: "Ever the more reason why we should do it. It's like, we are not doing anything extra thus we are not tapping more from our budget. We're just doing it sooner!"

Executive A: "Agreed. Well that was quick. Thanks again for coming! This solution is sure going to be a success!"


Daisy said...

Lol, this is awesome! :D

Loner Gamer said...

:) Those darn Sony execs...