Wednesday, May 11, 2011

7... in Inches

Yesterday, I made what could be a questionable transition to Windows Vista. I decided to be a bit adventurous since I know that my free upgrade to 7 may not arrive anytime soon just so that I can reap some of the benefits of DirectX 10/11 and Nvidia's 3D Vision technology that my last two graphics cards are capable of supporting. I have access to installing Vista for quite some time now but I originally just wanted to wait for the big jump to 7. I was too cautious in my transition to Vista however and that had caused me a lot more headaches than necessary. I decided to dual-boot Windows XP and Vista because I wanted to be certain before I commit to the new operating system since it got some really bad press - though not as bad as Windows XP 64-bit however and that OS turned out to be alright in my book. Creating the dual-boot was easy enough but the partition management that came after during the finalization of my Vista setup makes me want to bash Kratos in the head with a big slab of rock.

A risky move or a well-calculated one?

So far, I really do like Vista. It is quite fast and my games, the two that I have tested on so far (guess one of the games), ran smoothly without a hitch. I played a bit of Two Worlds II to check out the DirectX 10 benefits and though they are noticeable - the armor details really popped out and there are now more geometries to them - they don't make the DirectX 9 version look ugly. Instead, the DirectX 9 version just looks slightly edited down. As far as Nvidia 3D Vision goes, I don't have those expensive shutter glasses and 3D-compatible displays of course so I have it set to the red/blue anaglyph mode. It looked really horrible on Two Worlds II but League of Legends fared pretty well on it actually (yes, you guessed the game right) but both of these are not officially supported by the program to begin with. Some of the 3D game screenshots provided by the program look amazing so I am looking forward to test out the 3D action of games that are optimized for the technology. I have used the shutter glasses for 3D Vision before at a store display and the 3D definitely looked awesome but you know what? They still can't compare to the marvelous depth and ease of the Nintendo 3DS brand of 3D... Anyway, so everything is going well with the Vista "upgrade" so far - I am going to leave that word in quotation marks for now - and hopefully my Personal Computer gaming experience will be further enhanced by it.

Anaglyph glasses are so... stylish. No wonder Nintendo stayed away from them.

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