Wednesday, May 18, 2011

-1 Armor

I had to go get my blood drawn today and no matter how many times I have done this before, the unsettling feeling leading up to the, uh, penetration was as prevailent as ever. The needles they use these days are smaller then they used to be but the sensation of something sharp breaking through your skin and then sliding into your body - before the quick wiggling to make sure the instrument is lodged correctly inside your vein - makes me weak at the knees. I would always try to look away but again, I ended up staring at the long tube connecting the needle to the vial to see the flow of blood moving away from my body in this twisted, sickening twirl. Unfortunately, the misery doesn't stop when the procedure is over: the pain on and around the area where you are stabbed can persist for days and I really, really hate that... as if the needle went to places where it shouldn't have been poking around in and that the body had to work extra hard to heal the damages done. And of course, this does have an impact on my gaming too because all that nasty feeling from my arm would translate into slower reaction time of my fingers. Can someone please kiss my boo-boo to make me feel better?

Yes, I normally leave that on all day long.

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