Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Gaming Fuel

I got into a conversation with an online  friend today in regards to gaming snacks. No, I don't believe in those "snacks made for gamers". They remind me of pet food. Gamers don't need to be fed with special food specifically made for "our type" (or do we?). My answer to him was this:

That is everything I need to sustain me while I am gaming.

Yes, water and I will always make sure that the jug is refilled with the stuff before the start of a gaming session. I do eat the occasional Chex Mix, peanuts, Doritos, and such while playing my games but I will always make sure that I have my H2O readily available. In June of last year, I placed a small refrigerator in my Game Room but it didn't stay there for too long because I hardly ever used it. The only thing that got placed in it after the initial supply of  Mike's Hard Lemonade was a water bottle. There is an unfortunate side effect to drinking this much water however as you may have suspected. It's a good thing that the bathroom is conveniently located right across my Game Room!

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Twizz said...

I really need to get in on this H2O, I hear great things about it lol. Looking at the pic I thought of Buffalo and his Chocolate milk in a wine glass LOL.