Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exercising 7 Days a Week...

Is that even a healthy thing to do? As you may know, I have been using Yourself!Fitness on the X-Box as my workout regiment and I have committed to a daily workout with the exception of Saturdays. Maya, the game's sometimes motivating, sometimes murderous trainer had suggested to me today that perhaps I should add another day into my workout schedule when I told her that I just "feel okay" about the result of my workouts. I am not sure if Maya realized that I already have six days invested into the program - my guess is, she probably just didn't care: she can be such a witch when it comes to delivering desirable results - because if I decided to follow her advise, I won't have a day off anymore. I know it's for the best though, especially with "The Big Day" approaching very, very soon, thus I have adjusted the game setting to reflect my new commitment of 7 workout days a week. This is not going to be fun. I just hope that it is going to be worth it.

Maya is on a mission and she will do anything to succeed.

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