Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Rift in the MMO-Verse

So I have discovered today that the popular new massively multiplayer role playing game, Rift by Trion Worlds for the Personal Computer, now offers a 7-day free trial. From what I have heard and seen of the game, it is not a replacement for World of Warcraft - in this genre, WoW will forever be king - so it is a bit weird that I am actually taking the time to download the game when I could not even convince myself to get into WoW again. The thing about MMOs is that they tend to take a lot of your time away from other games but I always like to give games a chance so I suppose it is just in my nature to proceed with this venture. The patch for the game is close to 9GB so if you are interested, perhaps it is best to start downloading before you go to sleep. To sign up for the free trial, click here - and I wish you good luck!

When you realize that you can't compete with WoW, it's time to open up the free trials!

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