Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Tribunal is Here!

Tired of people with awful behaviors ruining what was supposed to be a fun League of Legends session? Well, you may notice a significant decrease in such encounters now that Riot Games has the game's Tribunal system up and running on a "limited release". Level 30 summoners may log on to the Tribunal webpage and start passing judgments on up to 3 cases per day. The level of detail you get on each case is expansive as you get to see the actual complaints and the entire chat logs spanning across all the games in which the player was reported on. I have passed judgments on 6 cases and the great news here is that it looks like the community is using the report function appropriately. It does hurt to read some of these chat logs because you just won't believe how inhumane some of these reported players really are. The judgments that you make - Punish/Pardon - do not have an immediate impact on the player. Riot Games will be looking at the cumulative result before they take action on them. There is also a skip option if you are not sure what to do with the case. The idea of having others looking at your in-game behavior like this should deter people from acting up but then again, these are the type of people who really don't care about anything in life. We will see if the benefits of this system will become prevalent in cleaning up the dirty section of this game's community. And oh, I forgot to mention that participating in the Tribunal may nab you precious Influence Points! I would have done it for free but Riot Games as always, is going above and beyond to ensure the success of this new feature.

It's getting harder and harder to ignore the Summoner's Code these days.

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