Monday, May 9, 2011

Preparing for the PC SSFIV:AE

I have decided to sell my copy of Super Street Fighter IV for the X-Box 360 because I am going to just pick up the Personal Computer version of the Arcade Edition of the game when it is finally released in a couple of months. I have decided against just upgrading the game on the 360 via the downloadable content because I no longer have LIVE Gold and at this point, I really don't think that I will ever reactivate it. SSFIV on the 360 does look mighty impressive but it still doesn't hold a candle compared to the clarity and detail of the original SFIV that I do still have for my PC but that is just a secondary factor for me in this case. I still wish that Capcom would just allow PC owners to upgrade the original SFIV to the Arcade Edition - Since the PC version of this upcoming revision hasn't been given a specific release date yet, who knows, maybe Capcom may change their mind and just allow the upgrade in that fashion. By the way, SSFIV is still incredibly popular because I was able to find a local buyer for it rather quickly.

Do I expect more SFIV updates in the future? Yes, this series is going to be milked to death but
I don't think Capcom can get away with not allowing people to just get them via DLCs from now on.

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