Monday, May 9, 2011

Is My 360 Dead Without LIVE Gold?

My recent one game deduction in the form of Super Street Fighter IV for the X-Box 360 has made me wonder how far-fetch the impact of my decision to leave X-Box LIVE Gold truly is. The main reason why I sold my copy of SSFIV was because I don't have access to the online multiplayer feature and upgrading it to the upcoming Arcade Edition is still not going to remedy the situation. Thus, I should just pick up the Personal Computer version so I can get back to playing it online. Things would have been different if I actually have real people to play it with in my Game Room, in which I don't. As we all know, online multiplayer can be an overwhelmingly large part of a game so I have decided to do a complete analysis of my 360 Game Library to have a clear understanding of the situation.

Is the Deathsmiles faceplate an omen of the console's dark fate?

To accomplish that goal, I went through every single one of my 196 games on the 360, including the digital downloads and categorize them into 2 groups: a) games that have online multiplayer functionalities and b) games that have strong single player elements that overshadow the online features or they don't have online functionalities whatsoever. The verdict: only 32 games have overwhelmingly dominant multiplayer elements and that is just roughly 16% of the total. These games include Gears of War I & II, the Halo series, and Resident Evil 5. This doesn't mean that the other 164 games have no online features - Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5 for example has a great online leaderboard but it is a vital core of the game? No, because I don't have to look at other people's high score to encourage me to perform better in the game. It is still a fact however than I am missing out on some of the online-related contents found in these 164 games - at least these omissions are not critical to the overall gaming experience.

In conclusion, the loss is not as devastating as I expected it to be but without LIVE Gold, I can only expect a significant decline in the number of games I will get for the system in the future. There are a couple of worries I do have in regards to keeping myself away from LIVE Gold. The first being a small number of good friends I have who only play on the 360: These individuals still have that power to persuade me to come back so that I could play online games with them again. The second being Gears of War III: The first two games have some of the best co-op I have ever played and I would hate to miss out on the co-op action of GoWIII. All of a sudden, the prospect of staying away from LIVE Gold is not as easy as it originally seemed to be but the fact of the matter is, only time will tell.


The Gameolio Podcast said...

Such a bugger that we are on at different times. I'm still wanting a good old co-op games of Halo X :(

Loner Gamer said...

Yeah, it was unfortunate that we didn't get to do our Halo runs... Now, I don't even know if that will ever happen but thankfully you also game on the PC ^_^