Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Games Alert!

I haven't been buying a lot games this year and I found myself browsing through my huge library and noticing the many games that I really need to jump back on or finish up (like Radiata Stories several weeks ago - a game that I still want to go back to soon - and Peter Jackson's King Kong for the X-Box 360 just earlier today). I was just thinking how buying new games create that "stacking" effect on top of the older games, where they hide away and replace the significance of the games that come before them. Still, with the Purchase List continually expanding, I did get 3 new games today: Phantasy Star Portable and Hammerin' Hero for the PlayStation Portable as well as MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii. I'll tell you what though, I am going to try to limit my spending a little more just to see how thorough I can get with revisiting my backlog of games to play.

This is going to be the last "bulk" buy for me for a long while.

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