Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Distractions, Distractions

Just as I was beginning to really enjoy playing Titan Quest, an old friend of mine whom I met while playing World of Warcraft asked me earlier today if I would play Guild Wars for the personal computer with him online. I have been trying to get him to play Resident Evil 5 with me recently but he doesn't find RE5 that fun. He just purchased his X-Box 360 late last year and he doesn't seem to be enjoying the life on Live that much. Just like me, he is also craving for some fun multi-player role playing action. I told him that I have ordered the PC version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and that I would be playing it as soon as it arrives but he was sceptical about the game. He informed me that he was looking for something that's closer to WoW versus something that is a Diablo clone. I agreed to play Guild Wars with him after we discussed other alternatives - Maple Story? Heck no! I thought it wouldn't hurt since I did buy all of the expansions to Guild Wars anyway when they came out (back then, I was hoping that buying them would enable me to pull myself away from WoW but it didn't work). I must say that so far, the experience has been very pleasing and we had a blast during our first two hours of play. I urged him to still get Sacred 2 and suggested that we could both rotate between that game, Titan Quest, and Guild Wars. Hope this is going to last!

Since I was a priest in WoW, my friend decided to become
a monk this time around to return the favor. Heal me, darn it!

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