Monday, April 13, 2009

Games Played 04/08/2009

Armored Core: For Answer - X-Box 360
Infinite Undiscovery - X-Box 360
The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - NDS
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Demo - X-Box 360*

*Galactrix features a more complex puzzle board but lacks the character classes found
in the original Puzzle Quest. It is different enough and, most importantly, it is still fun.


Drakengard (2004)
Developer: Cavia
Platform: PlayStation 2
Purchase Date: 03/04/2004

On the back of the case it says, "Death from Above. Chaos Below."
A bit too melodramatic if you ask me.

Drakengard is a role playing adventure that combines the hack-and-slash action from the Dynasty Warriors series with the thrills of a free-flight shooter. The result of this is somewhat of a mixed bag. If I were to choose between land or air, I would have to stick with wrecking havoc from below because the flight sections where you are riding a dragon - exciting as it may sound - suffer tremendously from the lack of creativity and progress variations. At least with the ground battles, you get to choose from many different weapons that you can power-up as well as switch between characters to control. The game's story is somewhat weak - Caim has made a pact with a dragon so that they both can continue living to protect Caim's sister from an evil empire - but the writing is rich with details and I particularly enjoy the parts when Caim's Red Dragon gets to participate in the conversations. Since character progression relies mostly on levelling up the many different weapons at your disposal, you get to replay previous stages and grind through hordes and hordes of enemies so that you can catch up to where you need to be. It's good in small doses but it does get a bit too repetitive a little too quickly.

LIBRARY STATUS: 3 out of 5

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