Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Games Played 04/27/2009

Cannon Spike - Dreamcast
Resident Evil 5 - X-Box 360
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - PC


Dino Crisis (1999)
Developer: Capcom Co., Ltd.
Platform: PlayStation
Purchase Date: 10/16/1999

You know that bad things are going to crash through those big glass windows.

With Dino Crisis, Capcom attempted to recapture the magic of their Resident Evil games by creating something so similar yet somewhat different at the same time. Their hard work did pay off since this game turns out to be scarier than the survival horror that inspired it. Mixing story elements from RE and Jurassic Park, you take on the role of Regina of the special military task force who is assigned to infiltrate a high-security base on an isolated island only to face hordes of dinosaurs once she and her team got there. The rigid controls and the tacky puzzle solving are copied straight from RE but what is unique about this game is that the backgrounds are constructed in real time 3D compared to the 2D backdrops found in the first two Resident Evil games. They are still static for the most part to accomplish the game's claustrophobic mood but the 3D surroundings allow the developer to create some interesting camera movements during gameplay. Zombies are always the more interesting enemies compared to dinosaurs but the latter are smarter and faster, thus they are more threatening. The tension is always high and the T-Rex scenes are very well thought of. I noticed that there is a crack on the jewel case cover for this game and it is much larger than the one seen on Cannon Spike yesterday. Because of the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis demo disc that comes with the game, Dino Crisis uses a specialized jewel case and I cannot find another one that would fit the case properly to replace it with. Why does it have to be so fragile?

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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