Monday, April 27, 2009

Games Played 04/26/2009


Cannon Spike (2000)
Developer: Psikyo
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Purchase Date: 11/21/2000

Not the Street Fighter reunion that fans were hoping for apparently.

You know that a game can't be named Cannon Spike without actually having Cammy from the Street Fighter series as one of its playable characters. In the far future, a gang of terrorists is wrecking havoc around the world and its up to 6 nostalgic and "Motor Boots" strapped Capcom characters to stop them. One thing that I can surely conclude from the plot is this: Capcom characters apparently never age - I can understand Mega Man staying youthful and fresh but Cammy, Charlie, and B .B. Hood? Never mind. Cannon Spike is a Psikyo shooter, so the stages are very short - they mostly involve clearing one small room before the bosses would pop-out - and the entire game can be completed very quickly. All the characters have a couple of long range weaponry as well as powerful physical attacks (Cammy has her "Cannon Spike" move of course). Your can shoot at a 360 degree angle but you are given the ability to lock on to a specific enemy to make it easier to focus your attacks. The mechanical bosses are cool looking but the humanoid ones are a bit boring. As I was preparing to play this game, I noticed a large crack in the front of the game's jewel case on the bottom right hand corner and that made me a bit upset. Maybe it was caused by the pressure of having 10 other games stacked on top of it due to the design of the CD Wave Tower that I used to hold some of my games. I immediately looked for the solution:

Much better now. The emergency transplant was successful, thanks to the below donor.

Sorry Mr. Cole. I just had to do it!

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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