Friday, April 24, 2009

Games Played 04/21/2009

The Bard's Tale - X-Box
Kill Switch - X-Box
Spectral Force 3 - X-Box 360
Titan Quest - PC


Baku Baku Animal (1995)
Developer: Sega
Platform: SegaSaturn
Purchase Date: 08/02/2002

Those animals are really hungry. Don't stick your fingers in there.

In Baku Baku Animal, you have to match animal blocks with their proper food blocks to clear them from the screen. It's deviously simple but highly fun, especially when you are aiming to pull off a high amount of combo count. There are 5 different animals/food types in all: rabbit/carrot, monkey/banana, panda/bamboo, dog/bone, and rat/cheese. Strangely, more common animals like a cat or a bird are not included. The unique thing about the way the blocks are cleared when the match happens is that the blocks do not have to be aligned specifically in a vertical nor horizontal fashion. It's more like a combination of both. There is also no set number of maximum blocks that needed to be matched, which means that as long as the food blocks are connected to each other, an animal block would clear all of them. The game has a lot of charms to it and whenever the animal head lands next to the appropriate food, it becomes alive, munching the food blocks away, complete with the exaggerated munching sound. Cute and addictive, Baku Baku Animal will sure to please any puzzle fans.

LIBRARY STATUS: 4 out of 5

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I've been looking for the name of this game! Thanks! Xx