Friday, April 24, 2009

New Game Alert!

I finally received Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for the personal computer today. I ordered the game from earlier this week. The installation and the patch took a while to complete but it was truly worth it. The game looks better than the demo and runs blazingly fast at true 1080p even with V-sync on, which I would recommend because without it, the screen tearing becomes unbearable. I am glad that I waited this long though because looking at the patch note, there were definitely some serious issues that existed in the prior version. The most exciting addition to the game with the latest patch is the dynamic implementation of nVidia-PhysX technology. It's supposed to impact particle effects from spells but since I am still a lowbie, I have not witnessed that yet. What I have seen though are individual leaves blowing in the wind and get scattered when you walk on them. Beautiful stuff. The latest patch also introduces an achievement system for the game. The achievements are not linked to the X-Box 360, like the Live enabled Fallout 3, but they are still viewable by the Sacred 2 community. This is one of my happiest purchases in a long while. Let's hope that the gameplay will hold up.

Waiting to compare the game with the console versions was a great idea!

I'm playing the Dryad first. She's not fully clothed yet. Not sure if that's a good thing.

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