Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to Questing, Titan Style

I have been craving for some serious hack-and-slash role playing action since sometime last week: this was triggered by multiple play sessions of the mediocre Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom for the PlayStation 3. Since then, I have been trying to find good people to play Champions of Norrath, Champions: Return to Arms, and Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows for the PlayStation 2 with but thus far, the result has been unfavorable. Earlier today, I re-downloaded the demo for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for the Personal Computer just to satiate what has now become an uncontrollable appetite.

It's still a goofy game but Diablo III may not be released until World of Warcraft
is dead and that is going to take a while...

I would have to be stupid to not get the PC version of this when I have a capable PC for it.

I still found Sacred 2 quite mediocre but I have now decided to pick up the PC version of the game after the latest trailer/screenshots for the X-360 as well as the PlayStation 3 versions failed to impress me. Making the decision easier, I also found out that for the consoles, the players have to share the screen while playing with others just like how things are in Fable 2 on the 360. This is not the case with the PC version where all the players can freely go anywhere they want to individually during multiplayer. The impressive 16-player support is also severely reduced to only 4 on the console versions. The game is hard to find at retail so I may have to order it online soon. I can definitely wait to get the game though because I started playing Titan Quest on the PC again today and so far, I am really getting into it.

I have a bad habit of deleting old characters that I haven't used in a long time.
Thankfully, one level 16 survived. I believe my highest level at one point was 25+.

Titan Quest is still a very good looking game and that makes me even happier.

The last time I played this game was in September of last year. I am currently experimenting with the melee classes and I found them to be more compelling than the casters. I am really serious about going all the way to level 75 (I have the Immortal Throne expansion) and getting a nice gear set at the end of it all. The community is not as vast as it was last year but there are still many people playing this online. It was funny to see a game room that was called "Cheaters Only!" but at least the cheaters know that most people really hate ruining the game for themselves. Who knows, I might meet some fun new people playing the game this time around.

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