Thursday, April 16, 2009

God of War III Collector's Edition... Duh!

Another one of those Sony video game surveys landed in my e-mailbox this morning. I always complete them all as they come in - just trying to make a difference - but this one in particular is very interesting because it's a survey that may determine how the God of War III collector's edition will be packaged. I really don't think a lot of the things offered here will make it worth picking up the collector's edition except for two items - the inclusion of the first two games and access to the movie cinematic from those games. I think that would allow the game to be a system seller since the newer PlayStation 3 units are not backwards compatible. Still, unless they actually revamp the graphics for the first two games, I would still skip the more expensive edition and perhaps just download the game from the PlayStation Store since Sony may be heading towards that direction in the near future anyway. Unfortunately, there is no comment section in this survey for me to express those thoughts to them. Sony has probably already decided on how it will all turn out to be. They're probably just doing a pulse-check and nothing more.

And I thought it was an invitation to beta test the game.

A list that consists of mostly boring things they normally include in special/collector's editions.

The wallpaper that you get from completing the survey is pretty cool though.

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Blake said...

God of War 3 is gonna kick ass or suck ass big time!!
Here's hoping for the latter!!