Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Games Played 04/19/2009


G-Police (1997)
Developer: Psygnosis
Platform: PlayStation
Purchase Date: 12/18/1997

The only thing worth experiencing in this game is its incredible CG movies.

G-Police has some great ideas behind its creation but it is just a total failure in its technical execution. You play as a a new "Government Police" pilot who actually joins the organization to investigate the suspicious "suicide" of his sister. The futuristic storyline is told via beautiful cut scenes with a moody yet perfect voice acting of the main character narrating the unfolding events. The missions involve you piloting a gunship around 3D landscapes. The game is action heavy and the controls are great. The main problem here is the totally incompetent graphics and you know the graphics are bad when the game actually allows you to choose between optimizing the "View Angle", the "View Distance", and the "Frame Rate" in the options menu. It is hard to see what's going on for the most part and since there are a lot of flying involved, it's extremely hard to navigate your aircraft because most often than not, you can hardly tell what's around you. It's really a shame actually because the game definitely has a lot of potentials. Some games are just impossible to be made without the proper technology to back it up. G-Police is one of those games.

LIBRARY STATUS: 1 out of 5

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