Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Great Stylus Mystery

On Saturday last week, I took my significant other out to an appointment and knowing that I had to do some sitting and waiting, I brought along my Nintendo DS Lite for the ride. I had started playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on and off since late last month and if you are familiar with the game, you know that it can only be played using the stylus. So I turned on the DS and reached for the stylus slot on the side just to find out in horror that it wasn't there.

No! It can't be! But how?

I always and I mean ALWAYS slide the stylus back into the slot after I am done playing with the DS so the fact that it was missing from where it was supposed to be was just a bit too shocking for me. Thankfully, the appointment didn't take that long but as soon as I got home, I frantically looked for the stylus where I know I have sat down and played my DS: the bedroom, the video game room, and the living room. I looked between the folds of blankets and futon cover, braved through mountains of dust-bunnies, and yes I even dug through the bathroom trashcan because I could have mistakenly dumped it there, thinking that it was a q-tip (I know). Why go through all this trouble when the Nintendo DS Lite actually comes with an extra stylus? Well, the first one was special... Now, I feel like I am missing something from the whole packaged product. Maybe it's the whole notion that you will always remember your first? The funny thing is that I have many other alternatives to use as a replacement stylus:

I could use the feather stylus specifically made for Phantom Hourglass...

...or one of these but color-wise they just won't match my Polar White DS Lite...

...but there is no way I am going to use the old DS stylus. Too bulky!
Yeah, I actually bought these for the original Nintendo DS that I still own.

It really kills me to think that I have lost the stylus and I suppose it could happen again. This is not as bad as the missing game dilemma last year but at least that one was resolved. I hope that I will stumble into the missing stylus one of these days, maybe as I am packing my stuff to move to my new place which could probably happen very soon. Where the heck could it be hiding?

ha ha u will never find me*

*Not the real missing stylus.

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