Thursday, December 1, 2011

Third Person Skyrim is Great But...

Last night, I made a major change in the way that I wanted to experience The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Personal Computer. I have originally vowed to play the game exclusively in third person because it works very well in the game but I have noticed that I have been missing something that just cannot be replaced when playing the game in the first person perspective and that very special something is called "immersion".

Observing a scene in the third person perspective is different...

...than observing it through the character's - I mean - my own eyes.

The reason why I was so obsessed with the idea of playing a game like this in third person is because of the "cool" factor of being able to see my character but to continue down that path means that I would be missing the very point of this game: It's all about being immersed in a fantasy world, to live and breathe its cultures, its mysteries, its dangers, and its adventures. The only problem here is that the first person perspective itself is not perfect. You can't see your own feet nor your own body and you don't even cast your own shadow. You are just a floating spectre with a set of arms when you are in combat stance. Still, the first person view is truly the right way to play the game as I have come to realize now. This was never a problem in the previous Elder Scrolls games before because the third person view was just so atrocious, it was impossible to play the game in it. In Skyrim, the third person view is so functional that it becomes somewhat of a distraction. I think it would be cool if Bethesda would fix the floating apparition situation for the next game by only allowing the player to "see" his or her character in the game menu, when he or she is looking down, as well as on reflective surfaces around the world while removing the third person perspective all together. Now that would be true immersion.

I'm only going to see admire my character when crafting and horse riding.

Killing things up close and personal is a lot more exciting too!

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