Thursday, December 15, 2011

3DS Through My Baby's Eyes

Before I got my Nintendo 3DS, I would always check out the system being displayed at the store. I would have my spouse check out the 3D capabilities of the system too in which my spouse has never been impressed with. Now that the 3DS is home, my spouse still cannot see the 3D from every possible angle, distance, and intensity of the 3D slider. The spouse gave up and said to me: " guys are delusional because the 3D is not there. I only see shifting bands of light and dark..." and something about the 3D is just a hype to get people flocking to get the device only to realize that it's all fake. You are funny, hun. I have heard that some people do have problems seeing the 3D on this handheld but I sure wish that the spouse could see it too. Very, very interesting.

But hun, it's really there... You are just pulling my leg. Oh, you are serious!

Update Note: 9:12pm - half an hour before we drove to the airport, my spouse was finally able to see the 3D effect! Took a lot of adjustments and grumblings to get there but the most important thing is that it happened!

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