Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dawn of the Old Republic

I didn't realize that my beta access for Star Wars: The Old Republic on the Personal Computer only lasted over the last weekend only. I did play a good 3-4 additional hours into the game after I wrote the previous article on the game and based on that experience, I thought that ToR is very polished but it is mostly catered towards fans of Bioware role playing games and the Star Wars license. The real distinction found in this game that other massively multiplayer online RPGs don't have is the cinematic conversation. That is pretty much it. Well that and the whole Jedi thing. Other than those things, it's rather substandard. The graphics do look nice but it just cannot compare to the glory that is Rift. The fact that I actually stopped playing this to jump back to League of Legends - thanks a lot Riot Games for distracting me away from my limited beta access - should tell you where this game stands. My prediction is that ToR will probably become free to play after 6-9 months when people finally realize that unlike the single player Bioware games, their in-game personas are not all that unique in ToR's game universe because of the other similar players running about. If the game is still subscription-based at that point, then it means that the game has long-term value. If not, then I am sure that it will pop-up on Steam under the Free-to-Play section.

Awww... Oh well, back to LoL!

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