Friday, December 23, 2011

Ever Wondered Why I Keep Playing LoL?

Well, here's one reason why: Riot Games is the most customer focused game company in this world and here's a great example of that: They will be giving out 450 Riot Points to all of the Summoners who are over level 6 and have not been banned over the last two months. Riot Points are only purchasable using real cash and since everything else in League of Legends can be purchased using Influence Points that you accumulate after playing every match, Riot Points are best used to purchase alternate champion skins. Yes, LoL is not only 100% free to play, but it pays your for being loyal to it - on top of giving you blissful gaming pleasure that seems to have no end in sight. Thank you so much Riot!

We should be thanking you for bringing us such an incredible game.

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