Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Of Coals and Secret Prizes

Those people at Valve are a bunch of kooky fun loving folks because this Steam Holiday Sale promotion has been a blast so far with its implementation of a much improved task list system that was last seen during the Steam Summer Sale earlier this year. Everyday, a new list of things to do is published and when a task is complete, one may get a random prize that could consist of a free game, a discount coupon, or a lump of coal. Accumulate 7 pieces of coals and one could exchange that for a free game or they could be submitted as entries into the grand prize where one person could win all the game titles in Steam. As you may know, I am not big with unlocking achievements but when you can actually get a real reward from unlocking them, well the process becomes extremely addicting. I haven't won a single game yet and the coupons I got have been pretty disappointing: 50% off Dwarfs?!... Really, Valve? The game is 50% off now so if I really wanted that game, I would have just picked it up without waiting for the coupon to become usable next year. You guys are so funny. Some of my friends have won actual games from unlocking the achievements though so I am just waiting for my turn to arrive. Even if my luck doesn't change when it comes to these small rewards, I sure hope that I will win one of the bigger prizes from the eventual drawing. Sure, the chance of winning is slim but it's a lot of fun to just participate in the process and since it only takes one coal to win and Valve already gave out a couple of those freely, we have nothing to lose but plenty to gain! Madness! I am telling you. This whole thing is just sheer, unadulterated madness!

Big game... Big game... Oh no... Just another lump of coal!

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