Monday, December 5, 2011

My Pin Badge Collection is Here!

I have finally received the eagerly awaited Mario & Friends Pin Badge Collection from Club Nintendo for achieving the Platinum status during Nintendo's 2011 fiscal year. There are 25 cute pin badges in all and they are neatly stored into 6 separate boxes that can be stacked together to create 3 retro Nintendo Images. To ensure that you can proudly display these boxes without the fear of them tumbling down whenever there's slight movement in close vicinity, the boxes are stacked inside a large, transparent sleeve. What I really love about this year's reward is that it can serve as both a decorative piece as well as being functional. I will certainly be wearing the badges whenever I feel like I want to geek it out while I am out and about - as long as my spouse doesn't freak out about it.  Thank you Nintendo for such a cool gift. One thing though: please don't mail a special reward like this in a large envelope in the future. Please use a sturdy box instead. The box on the top of the cascade was slightly crushed during the transport. I will be massaging that area all night long to mold t it back into place again but such a thing should not have happened in the first place.

I will take some photos of me rocking out the pins in the future.

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