Friday, December 16, 2011

In Other News... Part II

Remember about a month ago when I destroyed my poor old Samsung cellular phone? Well after weeks of being stubborn about using the broken device, I finally got myself a new phone. I may be well-versed in the realm of video gaming but when it comes to cellular phone technology, I am a bit of a caveman. I basically use my spouse's hand me downs and only use my cell for the convenience of being able to make and take phone calls. So over the past several weeks, I could only make call outs because the screen was busted and there wasn't an accept button on the phone itself until I later found out that by hooking up my PlayStation Bluetooth headset - that silly thing that never stays lodged to my ear - to the phone, I could answer phone calls by a click of a button on the headset itself. That still didn't alleviate the hassle of calling using the poor voice recognition software - I said nine darn it, not four! - and the fact that I could not determine the origin of an incoming phone call: I am one of those guys who will never pick up a phone call from an unknown number. I've had enough and the result of that is the following new phone:

Look, it has a shark in the middle of a swirling school of fish!

A phone that can do other really cool things is really foreign to me. Well, the previous phone had some cool features but their presentations were very clunky. This is the same phone that the spouse is using right now so I have seen a number of slick applications on it - including a first person shooter game: seeing the spouse trying to play that was an experience of a lifetime. I guess it's never too late to get into the phone apps craze. But knowing me, I will probably just be using this thing for the basic stuff.

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