Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Affair with Zelda

It is apparent to me now why Nintendo moved forward with naming the latest The Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo Wii with the subtitle of Skyward Sword. Sure, the whole sky theme is pretty prominent in this game since you started off the adventure on a floating island but it's the sublime beauty of the game that has made my very own sword pointing skyward in excitement. This is an extraordinary looking Wii game, the best on the console, even perhaps the best across all platforms this year. What puts it over the top is the perfect character animation and design. How the characters are able to clearly emote without the use of full voice acting is an art that only Nintendo is capable of mastering. Yes, I am very impressed with the striking visuals of this game and I am only 2 hours in. Hopefully things will remain impressive the further I play the game but I am sure that I have seen the most beautiful thing that this game has to offer when it comes to the visual splendor: Zelda herself.

Good morning, hun.

From that first time she showed up in front of me, the game had suddenly taken a completely different meaning. That grace, that warm expression, those eyes... This is Zelda at her finest. Of course it helps that the hair graphics in this game rocks - the people at Bethesda need to study this game so that they can learn how to make convincing looking hair in their The Elder Scrolls games. After this initial interaction with Zelda, I am convinced now that I must complete this game and make it a priority to do so. I hope the Wii U is going to be capable of upscaling Skyward Sword to high definition but even at 480p, what a beautiful, beautiful game you have crafted for us here Nintendo.

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Anon said...

Can't seem to find the search bar (maybe cuz I'm on mobile) but seeing your love of the animation with the lack of character voice makes me wonder how you feel about Breath of the Wild. :)