Monday, January 12, 2009

The Current State of Multi-Console Games II

Back in July of last year, I stated that I will only be buying the X-Box 360 version of games that come out across multiple consoles because of the its upcoming ability to do a full installation of games just like what can be done on the Personal Computer. Now that I have used that feature since the NXE's arrival in November 2007, I have to say that it is not as impressive as I first thought it would be. The load time improvement is really minimal. The only good thing about is that the console runs quietly but all that grinding and spinning noises during the installation process are still quite disturbing... Though there is a possibility that developers may exploit the installation feature to improve overall performance of their games in the near future, it is also a possible that they may not because the X-Box 360 doesn't come standard with the hard drive. Then, there is also the question of whether or not the next X-Box will feature backwards compatibility. With the number of occurrences of red rings of death still high - I have experienced it twice myself - my 360 may die during the next generation of consoles and it may be costly to keep replacing it if the next X-Box doesn't support the current software. I never considered this factor before because none of my past consoles ever died on me.

This PS3 to 360 ratio is going to change drastically.

I have now decided that I will buy the PlayStation 3 versions of multi-console games - that is, as long as they support the trophy system. I am not big on trophies/achievements - I do prefer the former - but if that feature is still not available in a PS3 game released this year, I will not be supporting the associated developer for being lazy. I will keep an eye and ear out for performance discrepancies as well. This year may be the year of the PlayStation 3 after all.

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