Monday, January 12, 2009

Loner Gamer Hates Werehog, Werehog Hates Sony

I have just recently posted my current position on multi-console releases and already there's a challenge to my decision to purchase the PlayStation 3 version of non-exclusive titles. The game in question here is Sonic Unleashed. I downloaded the demo on the PS3 tonight and I was totally shocked by the performance difference between it and the X-Box 360 demo I tested in early December last year. The texture quality and sharpness on both consoles are pretty much up to par with each other but the highly erratic, low frame rate on the PS3 version is just unforgivable... As if the new Hedgehog Engine was just not made to be compatible with the PS3. At first, I thought that my memory had betrayed me so I re-downloaded the demo on the X-Box 360 and that made the PS3 version look much worse. This means that I will have to buy the X-Box 360 version of the game, even though my gut instinct tells me that I should not even bother picking up this bad Sonic Team experiment at all - my friends insisted that the game is pretty good. I guess I'll find out the truth soon.

What is going on? Why does this game run so poorly on the PS3?!

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