Monday, January 26, 2009

Club Nintendo: Loner Gamer's First Reward

Whenever I purchase a game published by Nintendo, I would always visit Nintendo's website to register it as soon as possible. This has been the case ever since the registration pin number was first introduced in 2003. So when Club Nintendo was launched here in the United States on December 15th of last year, my prior registration efforts yielded a lot of registration surveys that I needed to fill out to obtain "coins" that can be used to purchase a limited variety of rewards offered by Nintendo. Back then, the site was a bit buggy because too many people were on it trying to complete the registration process. For a while, I visited the site at a daily interval, completing several surveys per visit but then I unknowingly abandoned that routine until today.

When I was finally done, I raked in a total of 1540 coins!

I just got everything completed about an hour ago and ordered my first reward... The Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS. I am now left with 740 coins - the next thing I want to get is the cool looking Hanafuda Cards and they cost 800 coins. Just 60 more to go! For those who buy Nintendo games and still haven't registered to be a Club Nintendo member yet, there is no reason not to. There are several ways to earn coins including an upcoming ability to gain extra coins by merely pledging to buy a game within four weeks before its release and then buying the game when it is finally out. It's fun and it's free. Join today!


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