Saturday, January 24, 2009

Games Played 01/23/2009

Castle Crashers - X-Box 360
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel - PlayStation 2
Prince of Persia - X-Box 360


Dragon Ball Z: Shinbutohden (1995)
Developer: Bandai
Platform: SegaSaturn
Purchase Date: 12/11/1995

Master Roshi doesn't need the assistance of a super hero to cross that street.

Continuing their successful and popular action-packed Dragon Ball fighting games on the Super Nintendo (the one for the Mega Drive was quite awful), Bandai created for the SegaSaturn what could have been their best version of the game in the franchise. There are a total of 27 characters to choose from and the game retains the unique split screen with multiple-plane gameplay. What's missing here is the ability to do an energy wave battle where two of those super moves make contact in the middle of the screen and the two players button-mash to determine whose energy wave would prevail thus obliterating the losing opponent. When a character unleashes an energy wave, the opponent can only deflect, avoid, counter, or block to defend against it. This does create a sense of strategy during the fight where you have to keep an eye on the opponent's power meter because you don't want him/her to be able to counter your energy wave but the coolness factor that should have been there is gone, especially if the player has experienced the energy wave battle while playing the previous entries...

LIBRARY STATUS: 3 out of 5

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