Friday, July 1, 2011

What's on the Wallpaper?

Poor Alice... She was only able to stay on my desktop for merely 7 days. She has now been replaced by Leona, the scorching hot new champion who will be arriving to League of Legends for the Personal Computer very soon. The art department for Riot Games have truly outdone themselves with Leona. She is drop deap gorgeous while being able to maintain an intimidating presence thanks to her stoic looks. Click here to watch her art spotlight. Now I have to play even more LoL so that I can acrue enough Influence Points to unlock her when she finally arrives, presumably on Tuesday next week with the weekly scheduled patch. Also note that Leona is a very special new addition to the roster because she is the first "naturally tanky" female character in the game! That fact surely makes her even more irresistably desirable! Still not playing LoL? Stop denying yourself of what is certainly one of the best games ever made - it's getting very close to joining my list of Top 10 Greatest Games of All Time! Don't miss out any longer! Click here to get your free summoner account: the game is REALLY FREE, there is absolutely no catch - I promise!

I can just stare at her all day long...

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