Sunday, July 3, 2011

Third Time the Molyneux's Foible

Steam was able to claim a sale from me via yesterday's offerings in the form of Fable III. I always like the Fable series, I just never liked Peter Molyneux because the senile bastard always tend to over-hype his games. The Fable titles have never been the hardcore role playing games with super deep storyline and infinite character customizations like he deliriously fantasized them to be  and he should never ever say that those are the things that he is trying to accomplish. I like the first game better than the second because the latter has too simplified of a combat system and the loading time on the X-Box 360 reached a truly nightmarish level of nastiness. I am glad Lionhead Studios decided to release Fable III on the Personal Computer because I would hate to play another 360 Fable with disgustingly long loading screens. I also decided to get the "Traitor's Keep Quest Pack" downloadable content with this induction since it also got a good 50%  off its original price of $7.00.

The "Video Documentary" feature explained the enhancements done on the PC version.

By the way, I am really loving Steam's "Pictures from Camp" that accompanies each day's list of discounted games and I adore the cute story behind them. Just look at the one below from Day 3... It is freaking hilarious! Valve deserves a lot of cash just for these really clever artwork that truly showcase their potent sense of humor. Just make sure to invest some of that money on the download servers because it is a bit slow to download games at the moment because everyone is downloading something off them:

Super Meat Boy literally serving himself on the platter! That is just insane!

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