Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SSFIV Finally Recovered

In early May of this year, I sold my X-Box 360 copy of Super Street Fighter IV in preparation of Arcade Edition's arrival on the Personal Computer. Today, that void has finally been filled - I have inducted the digital version of SSFIV:AE from Steam. I remember mentioning that the visual difference between the vanilla SFIV on the PC and the 360 SSFIV was minimal. Well, I must have had a concussion that day because this PC version of SSFIV:AE definitely looks a lot better than I remember the game looking on both the PlayStation 3 and the 360. It's really sharp and colorful and I believe that this is one of those games that will remain beautiful forever thanks to the silky smooth animations and the painted shading applications. I maxed out all the graphics options, including the anti-aliasing and I found it funny that the benchmark program only ran for a couple of seconds before it popped up with the result. It's time to dust off that special Street Fighter IV controller again.

But there are no higher settings!
Though not technically demanding, the game's art style remains highly impressive.

You must always destroy Yun and Yang or the world will end in 2012.

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