Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Gaming Star: Hippo #3

This feature will appear whenever I encounter a startling, memorable character in the games that I play. The characters don't have to bear any significant impact on the games as long as they are able to make a positive and/or a negative impression on me. Also, bear in mind that I have never been a fan of spoilers so those things will be kept to a minimum. Enjoy!

Case File #2: Super Street Fighter IV - Arcade Edition (Personal Computer)

So, you are a hippo living in a vast African desert. There is not much to do out there except for taking a nice dip into any body of water that you can find. So you heard that there is going to be a solar eclipse so you invited a couple of buddies with you to a cool spot that you know would be the perfect place to experience the event - it's cool because you know there are no risk of crocodiles there. Then while you are enjoying your time in the pool waiting for the sky to darken, you notice something strange: a couple of humans beating the crap out of each other near the pool. Since the solar eclipse has passed, you decide to get out of the pool to take a closer look and your buddies soon follow along... and thus you become responsible for the creation of one of the craziest and most inventive stage backgrounds in the history of fighting games!

STAR POWER: 5 out of 5

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