Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks After the 4th of July

Yes, things got a bit crazy with the game inductions today as I added four new games into my Game Library - alongside a bunch of downloadable add-ons for pre-existing games that I got from Steam, which will not be mentioned here. The first two are PlayStation 3 games: Portal 2 - the sequel to the ever popular game that involves manipulating 2 inter-connected portals to solve mind-bending situations - and Shadows of the Damned - a so-called "Suda51 Trip" where you take the role of Garcia Hotspur who is trying to save his girlfriend who is kidnapped by some hellish demon. The reason why I got the PS3 version of Portal 2 is simple: it includes the Personal Computer version of the game and players between the two platforms can play with each other! I did link up my Steam account with my PlayStation Network ID but let's be honest here, I will not be playing this game on the PS3 at all and play the PC version instead. The X-Box 360 owners of the game were completely shafted by Valve for sure. Accessing the Steam overlay on the PS3 was a strange experience by the way because of the limited amount of things you can do with it compared to the actual Steam client on the PC. Still, it is great to be able to see your Steam friends while you are in this game on the PS3 - I am still in the process of downloading the game from the client at the moment so I am not sure how the PSN information will show up in the PC version.

Update Note: 07/06/2011 - I forgot that everything is tied to the Steam account so no PSN-exclusive information will show up on the PC version. This will not deter me from playing it exclusively on the PC of course.

More Steam-PS3 integration please!

The other two games are PC Steam titles: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - this Chernobyl-inspired alternate universe first person shooter is a part of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy in which I already got the other two games in the series - and Wings of Prey - an aerial shooter set in World War II. Well, the good thing about the Steam Summer Sale is that there are a lot of good deals on games and the bad news here is that I am having a difficult time getting to these games to test them out because the download server is a bit slow right now. And there are 5 more days to this sale event... It's a bit overwhelming.

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